Gammill Quilting Machine
Donna Reznik
Winnipeg, MB
Ph: (204) 791-0791

Quilting Prices

  • All Over/Edge to Edge (E2E) 2.2¢/sq in.
    • This includes E2E patterns and Meandering designs applied to the entire quilt top, ignoring specific blocks or borders.
  • Thread
    • Signature$1.90/bobbin
    • Variegated$2.50/bobbin
    • Glide$2.25/bobbin
    • King Tut$2.75/bobbin
  • Preparation
    • Squaring up of batting and backing, pressing of quilt top and backing, and trimming of threads, are generally the responsibility of the customer. These services may be provided on an hourly based fee ($25.00/hour) subject to time and availability.
  • Minimum charge $50.00

Prices subject to change without notice.
Prices do not include GST